Dear Insurance Company,

I'll admit, I was dubious when I heard your reasons for increasing my co-pays in 2008. But after taking my child to the doctor today, I'll admit, I'm sold. Today was the first time I did not have to suffer the humiliation of explaining why my co-pay is an unusual $33 and not the much more common $35.

You cannot imagine the freedom I felt today walking into my pediatrician's office knowing that I would not be laughed at and scorned because of my unusual co-pay amount by those who paid a more respectable $10, $15, or even $20 - the Prom Queens of the waiting room. I knew that I would not be suffering the indignation of needing to ask for two dollars change. I left the doctor's office feeling lighter than I could possibly have imagined. Well, at least two dollars lighter.

Thank you, thank you, Insurance Company, for being so sensitive to my feelings.