Another issue in continuing installments of Explanations for Why I'm Crazy:

We got a box in the mail the other day from Grandma that contained the following three things:
  • an adorable baby blanket for the new baby
  • a gorgeous, silk outfit from Chinatown for the child
  • a cutting board

Yeah, you read that right... a white, thermoplastic cutting board... like you use in the kitchen to cut tomatoes on.

On the cutting board was written in permanent, black Sharpie pen:

"For Little Cinderella and her big sister The Dormouse. I love you. Love, Grandma"

Later on the phone, I said, "Thanks for the gifts, mom, but why did you put in a cutting board?"

"I didn't have a piece of paper to write on."

So I was telling this story to Monica yesterday and she offered the following: "I love that my midwife wrote all her notes on a paper towel the other day."

Me: "
Maybe she didn't have a cutting board."