It never fails to amaze me how they get information from an ultrasound image. Sono techs must either have the most vivid imaginations in the world or they're really good at lying to your face and making it sound like they know what they're talking about.

We're scheduling all the genetic testing nonsense we have to do now so this is all we get for the time being.

So that speck in the dark circle is a baby. Either that or:

  • A turtle on its back
  • A cancerous polyp
  • A slug wearing a hat
  • Mouse with a fat tail
  • A fossilized trilobyte
  • A snail crawling on the ceiling
  • A sideways gnome
  • A fig

You can all play along in the comment section. We are currently debating what to call this little thing. When the Dormouse was still in utero and we didn't want to discuss the names we were thinking about with people who would immediately say, "Oooo.... I HATE that", we just called her Spot. Maybe this one should be Speck? Rover?