After almost a week of not posting here, I suppose I owe my handful of readers (most of whom, I'm sure haven't noticed) some sort of explanation for my lack of ability to put two words together into any coherent form. I think that is best served by the following story that just happened in my house.

All day long, we've been talking about Daylight Savings Time starting three weeks early this year and changing the computer clocks and how some IT providers are actually billing hours of time to their clients to "deal with the problem" and joking about how I could probably work that into my job somehow - you know, tell my boss I needed to take the whole of Monday to "fix it" on all the workstations in our office and have an excuse for getting no real work done then. I could sit, brow furrowed for a couple of hours at one successive desk after another and surf the web unbeknownst to all the computer illiterate in the office who would be concerned for how hard I was working and then possibly buy me lunch. Oh... and then take another whole day in April when all the computers will WANT to reset themselves and do it all again.

We just got back from our weekly excursion to Chick-Fil-A and while The KingofHearts was bathing The Dormouse, I went around the house to change all the clocks so when I got up my usual four times between midnight and four am, I would know what time it actually was and not be an hour off in my sleepless stupor.

I had to think really hard about what action to take and had the following internal argument with myself:

Wait... is it an hour forward or back?

What's that saying? 'Spring forward, fall back'... yeah... that's it.

Wait... is it Spring or Fall?

It's still pretty cold outside, so it must be Fall.

And then I set every clock in the house back an hour.

A little while later, I had an argument with KoH, who insisted that The Dormouse would want to sleep later in the morning because of the time change. I insisted that she'd get up an hour early because it would really feel like six o'clock, when it was actually five o'clock. He looked at me like I had gone daft. "It's 'Spring forward, Fall back', honey."

I know, says I, "It's FALL, so we go BACK."

"No dear, it's SPRING, so we go FORWARD."

I guess you're right."

So now, once I hit 'publish' here, I will be going back around to all the clocks in my house and setting them forward two hours.

Or is it three hours to cover the time difference?