This week we braved the whole one inch of snow on the ground and left the house for The Dormouse's Winter concert. I don't have a lot to add about this expect to wonder why recycled material robots were guarding the entrances.

I guess there's a very real chance of Wall-e and his buddies rushing the stage.

The Dormouse played the violin in the second year orchestra. 

And got to sing a solo with the fourth and fifth grade chorus.

A soulful solo, from the looks of it.

As much as I loathe crowding into the cafeteria with a couple hundred other parents who seem to think that I either a) want to watch the concert through the iPad that they're holding up in front of me (which, of course, only shows a closeup of their kid and no one else) or b) want to watch the concert through some younger sibling they stand on the chair in front of me, this is one of my favorite things about school.  When you're as Bah Humbug about the Christmas season as I am this year, it helps to have someone force your hand.  I'm working on my attitude. Perhaps I'll find some of it by living vicariously through my children.