I bought this canvas in a discount store a year or so ago before I noticed that every suburban family from here to the west coast has a similar one on their wall somewhere.  I just liked it; I didn't realize it was the living room uniform of the 2010s. 

Whatever. I still like mine.

We had some visitors over the other day who commented on the painting, and The Dormouse decided to read it aloud to show off her impressive "turn every conversation into a Look At me, Me, ME Moment" skills.  Only, when she read it, she read it like this:

"We try our best.

We are patient.

Most of the time we tell the truth.

We support each other..."

There's been a lot going around on the internet lately about the importance of punctuation and how commas save lives but I'd just like to point out that learning where to pause when reading aloud is also quite important.  Otherwise, your neighbors will constantly expect your kids' pants to be on fire.