Every once in a while someone asks me why most of my friends live in other states and why I only communicate with them via text message, email or Twitter. For people like me, this is the perfect relationship.  For people like The KingofHearts, well, they think it's just weird.

For example, I talk to Monica nearly every day, but often I forget what her voice sounds like because I never pick up the phone to call her and seldom see her in person. And it's probably true that the fact that we live in different states does make it hard to keep up sometimes. It would probably be easier to find friends conveniently located in my own neighborhood. But then I would have missed out on text message exchanges such as this one: 

Monica: "Wonder how much it runs up the water bill to leave the hose on for six hours?" 

Me: "The real problem is they charge you for sewage based on the amount of water you draw. Which you are not using at all when you water outside. So you should just run the water in the bathtub for six hours if you want to get your money's worth." 

Monica: "Or poop on the sidewalk." 
And my life would be less rich.