There is no way to adequately describe what or why something strikes you as funny when you've been driving in a car late at night and it's been more than eight hours.  Suffice it to say that tales of the Triple XXX Family Restaurant billboards did just that as we drove across the states of Illinois and Indiana from Chicago to Cincinnati late at night last month.  So when one of us finally saw the billboard as we drove across Indiana, it didn't matter that no one was hungry, and it didn't matter that it was 11:00 pm, and it didn't matter that it was an hour off our trip.  We yanked the steering wheel over to the exit so fast, some of the passengers that night still might be recovering from the whiplash.

Since there is no way to explain why this is now our favorite restaurant in the world, it should just be easy then to say:

Peneat Butter Burger
Homemade Root Beer
Coconut Cream Pie (but only by the piece)
Milkshake with a Sundae on Top

Perhaps our favorite thing about the Triple XXX Family Restaurant was the redundancy.  Not the Triple X Family Restaurant, nor is it the XXX Family Restaurant, but the Triple XXX Family Restaurant.  That's some commitment to your schtick, right there.

Also, it reminded me of an Edward Hopper painting:

So clearly, we had to buy souvenir mugs, no matter how expensive they might have been.  But it doesn't matter because we never asked.  

"Do you sell these mugs?"

"Yes, but they're kind of expensive."

"I don't care, just give 'em to me."