(I've been informed by my husband that Valentine's Day was inconveniently placed this year and has therefore been rescheduled.)

The KingofHearts is hilarious about giving gifts in that he's really good at choosing gifts.  He's also really good at remembering to get gifts and plans well in advance.  But then he simply cannot bear the antici.............pation of waiting until the appropriate day to give said gift. That means if you're a member of The KingofHearts' family, you pretty much always get a gift for your basic Important Occasion, but when that Important Occasion arrives, no one says, "Happy Important Occasion" because you've been using your gift for that Important Occasion for most of the past month.

So I got my Valentine's Day gift about a week ago, when it arrived in the mail and we've been using it for the better part of February. 

It's kind of perfect, actually... not only because of the thematic content but also because we have each drunk our weight in tea this winter.

Clean cup, move down!