Am currently incubating a supervirus deadly enough to kill even Gary Sinese (though if I got to meet him as a result, it'd be totally worth it).  Until I can sit up unassisted again, here's a little teaser about the trip I took last week:

Monica: "Let's pull over at this rest stop on the Mass. turnpike.  We need to get gas and I have to pee."
NG:  "Sounds good to me."
*car pulls into rest stop*
Monica: "Should we get gas first or park first?"
Angie: *pointing wildly* "Park! Park! Parkbytheclownsparkbytheclowns!! CLOOOOOOWNS!"
Clowns:  "You can take our picture if you want."   
*Clowns begin posing; Monica jumps out of van*
Clowns: "Wait! PUT IT IN PARK FIRST!!"
*clowns scatter*


All is well, though.  No clowns were harmed in the making of these photos.