I work on a multitude of special projects throughout the year, with a gaggle of different people. One such project bears, in part, the name of a certain sporting goods company (no relation) and while it's a really cool project, it sometimes causes undue sleep lost at night, especially for the project director and those of us who work closely on it.

Last Spring, I took to yelling "Wiiiillllll-sooooon!" throughout the office whenever something would come up that was particularly vexing. (Or just for the hell of it, really.) One day while printing out a report, I decided to also print a picture for the cover page. The coworker to whom I handed the report laughed and asked where I got it so I started showing her the 117,000 image hits that come up while searching for Wilson+castaway and some of my favorites. During this little time wasting process, I happened upon this page in the Amazon Marketplace and we both realized at once,

"Oh my gosh, you can BUY Wilson."

And then almost immediately,

"Oh my gosh, we NEED to buy Wilson!"

So within fifteen minutes, Wilson was purchased, paid for and on his way to the Project Director on the other side of the country with a note of love and support.

I ♥ the Internet.

Wilson was well-received, I must say, and has become the unofficial mascot for this project. And every so often, I get emails concerning Wilson's progress across the country.

It's like a Sally Struthers kid, only much more entertaining.