Santa brought the Shortlings a gift this year that we hadn't quite got around to using until just recently.  Our friend Mari came over and helped us out with the christening.

First, Daddy helped blow it up.

Some of us were more excited about that part than Daddy.
Next, we kicked the ball around a little.

But most grew weary of that quite quickly.
But eventually, everyone grew tired of that and really, one needs to be a part of the action. And the best way to do that is to be one with the ball.

Fortunately, there was a space for that.

But not everyone found it so easy to 'be the ball.'

Her chosen method of exit was "feet AND head at the same time, butt comes later." 
I'll bet child delivery was wonderful with that one.

And now, next time I can't find a babysitter, I have a new plan:  put the children inside, close the gate and just make sure the neighborhood cats aren't big enough to open the ball.

Note to self:  bring along a can of Static Guard for future uses.