Because I am totally, completely, overwhelmed with work this month, you get to see more photos from last month when I was doing something other than sleeping fitfully and editing copy.  Which is pretty funny because I'm not even fit to put two sentences together right now and yet I'm editing copy for the printed form.  Blog readers, however, I'll spare.  Enjoy not being a party to my incoherent ramblings. 

We stopped at this place along the Oregon Trail whilst driving through Southern Idaho:

After their meals were cooked and their livestock grazed, early pioneers took the time to record their presence on this and other rocks in the area. The land around Register Rock was a common camping area along the Oregon and California trails. It has been preserved by the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation so that the modern visitor my enjoy a landmark of the past.

This was my favorite carving:

The Indian head and preacher head carved on this rock and dated 1866 is the work of J.J. Hansen at age seven.  At this time he was traveling along the Oregon Trail with his parents to Portland, Oregon.  In 1908, after becoming a sculptor, he returned to review his work.  During this visit he again dated the rock under the Indian carving.

Not to be outdone, other generations decided they needed their own rock.  Love that even the "new" rock contains names from the 1930s.