There's almost no place around this building where you can't get a good photo of it.

Funny story: my mother was trying to take a picture of the temple from this little landing on the other side of the falls and there were two lovebirds there, looking adoringly into each others' eyes and standing right in the shot.  She waited and waited for them to finish and move on but they just couldn't get enough of one another.  It finally became apparent that they were going to continue drinking in each others' wonderfulness for much longer than we had to get to a funeral three hours away, so my mother asked them, "Ummm... I'm sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if I could get a picture?" 

They said, "Oh sure," and turned around and posed for her with their arms around one another, smiling.

"Uh, I meant of the building," my mother said sheepishly.

That's when our newlyweds realized that the world didn't, in fact, revolve around them and their overwhelming love for one another and that random strangers walking by weren't so inspired by their passion that they simply had to stop them and ask to document the moment of their adulation... and they moved out of the shot.