Thirteen things The Caterpillar has said recently that there's probably a bigger story behind, but honestly, I don't want to know.

  1. "Momma, I wish I wanted to make pancakes for you."
  2. "I don't eat bugs."
  3. "I like that doctor. He's a good doctor." Me: "What makes him a good doctor? " Her: "He didn't poke me in the ear."
  4. "Oh. that's sooo inappropriate."
  5. "You're tap dancing on my last nerve, catty."
  6. "If someone says, 'Are you God?' then you hafta say 'YES!'"
  7. From the other room after a loud crash sound, "Don't worry! I'm all right!"
  8. The Dormouse: "What is your fondest wish?" The Caterpillar: "I wish to someday have a Carpet Mayor."
  9. "We don't kick our friends. We don't bite them either."
  10. "I wanna do a dirt project!"
  11. "All the people on the TV says, 'Yeaaaaaah!' That's like baby talk."
  12. "You cleaned up the house Momma; so here's ten pennies." "Well, thank you... um... where'd you get ten pennies?" "From your purse."
  13. "I'm a princess girl dog who doesn't wear pants."
  14. Bonus: "Momma, can I watch a movie?" "Not right now, hon." Walks away mumbling, "I could take you to court."