Soooo busy. Sooo overwhelmed. Time for a minutiae post.


"What's that smell?"

"What smell, momma?"

"It smells like body odor and feet."


"It smells like something died in here, but before it died, it did three hours of hot yoga first and then rubbed Limburger cheese all over itself and then sprayed a grandmother's perfume to cover the smell."

"But Momma, I don't smell anything... except my Princess Perfume."



I recently undertook a project to paint the trim in our kitchen and eliminate a c
olor from the palate. I liked the old color but since we painted the cabinets and put new linoleum on the counter tops, it doesn't quite match anymore. We originally chose the colors in the kitchen to match our china, which we seldom use, so it's not all that obvious anyway. In order to paint the trim around the pantry door, I asked The KingofHearts to help me take the door off and we put it in the corner of the dining area. Then I decided that we really need a new door altogether, so I never put it back on. It's ugly, but getting stuff out of the pantry is so much more convenient. It's almost as nice as that month we had the refrigerator in the living room.

Next up: do something about that awful stove.


It is quite possible that The Dormouse would like to learn how to train a dog. We don't have a dog collar, or a leash, or a dog for that matter... but I think that The Dormouse has found a way around that.


Our friend, Uncle Matty, came by with his girlfriend last weekend and The Caterpillar asked him to braid her hair. Always the renaissance man, Uncle Matty agreed and she brought him a comb and a spray bottle. After a few minutes Uncle Matty's girlfriend (Aunt Matty?) was unhappy with the time it was taking him to accomplish that task, so she took over the other side.

It's quite possible that they each have different hair braiding techniques.


Speaking of hair, yesterday, I decided to take a shower so I called the babysitter to make sure The Caterpillar didn't get into any trouble while I was in the shower
(OK, I put cartoons on the TV). Five minutes later when I came out, I immediately knew something was wrong, but it took a few seconds to piece together what. Here's my thought process:

Oh, there's The Caterpillar sitting sweetly on floor.
She seems to have a pair of scissors in her hand.
She's still watching Captain Planet.
Huh, I should vacuum the floor, there's schmutz all over.
That schmutz looks alot like strands of hai... WAIT A SECOND!

So yeah. After three years and six months of life, The Caterpillar finally got a haircut. The downside is she gave it to herself, while instead of looking into a mirror, she was looking into pictures of a blue-skinned man with a green mullet and five United Colors of Bennetton kids with 90s-era cartoon hair.

The upside is I found a new place to store the scissors: on top of the refrigerator.