Have you seen the Red Robin commercial where the dad walks into the teenage girl's bedroom while she's lying on the bed writing and says, "How about we go to Red Robin and get a burger when you're done studying?"

Then a teenage boy hiding behind the curtains pokes his head out and says, "Yum!" Then he looks at the Dad... and back at the girl... and says, "I'll call you!" before he jumps out the window.

Here, see for yourself:

So that was on the other day and as the Dad says, "No he won't," The KingofHearts agreed aloud that no, the boy wouldn't, in fact, be calling the girl back.

"Why not, Daddy?" asked The Dormouse.

"Because you are never, never, never, ever, EVER allowed to have a boy in your room," The KoH answered.

"What will happen if I do?" she wondered.

He was succinct, "I have a bat and a shovel and I know how to hide the body."

Dormouse: "Mine or his?"