Whenever I think of lame activities like my Make a Bug craft, the musical soundtrack that runs through my head is this one from the old Ren and Stimpy Show.

I've been singing this song a lot this week, because in addition to the Army of Totalitarian Government and Safe Harbor for Eggshells, we also invented:


...in which we tape plastic cups to our hands and toss egg-shaped bean bags back and forth. Because OF COURSE WE DO.

That egg is about to land dead square in my cup.
I want you to know that I am the Champion of Cuphands.

I suppose you could do this without the tape, but it keeps everyone from cheating. It also ensures that we will not be able to play again until the skin on the backs of the Shortlings' hands grows back.

We also invented "Summertime Sledding."

Due to work schedules and inappropriately-timed weather events, The Dormouse never got to go sledding this winter and we haven't heard the end of it yet. Seriously, if I could order up a giant snowstorm, knowing how much it would bug all the rest of you, and how it would incur the wrath of the entire Washington Metro Area, I would totally do it just so I don't have to hear One. More. Time. how she "never got to go sledding" said in high-pitched kid-whine.

The KingofHearts ordered a big ol' pile o' mulch this Spring. It's super cheap and/or free from the county but if you pay them an additional fee, they'll send a truckload of and just drop it in your driveway. It's only a fraction of the cost of purchasing mulch from a nursery and you don't have to clean out the bed of a pickup afterward... also... we no longer have a pickup. So WIN-WIN, I say.

The Dormouse immediately declared it her "mountain" and began sledding down it.

The helmet is really an unnecessary precaution, but I like to set standards for behavior.

Now all the neighborhood kids have learned the joy of Surfing the Mulch Pile too. I'm sure their mothers would be less-than-thrilled about the amount of dirt they brought home in their socks with them, but at least one of their mothers is in the hospital at this very moment having a baby, so I'm pretty sure I'm safe today.

I'd say we got our $50 worth even before the mulch goes on the flower beds.