Why my daughter will one day be called into the Principal's office for using inappropriate humor at school.

You'll need the visual to really understand this one, so it would make more sense if I put the photo first. But this is the sequence of events as The KingofHearts darse'd cuenta too. See below.

Dormouse: "Hey, mom! I finished my health homework, see?"

Me: "Hey, that looks great, you did a... Oh!"

KoH (from other side of the room): "What's wrong?"

Me: *laughing*

KoH: "What's up?" *gets up to come see*

Me: *still laughing* "Oh... nothing."

DM: "What's wrong, momma? Did I do something wrong?"

Me: *unable to get a breath* "No honey. What you did is fine. Those are just some low-hanging kidneys, is all."

KoH finally arrives to see the creation: *now laughing*

Me: *laughing uncontrollably*

KoH: *also laughing uncontrollably*

DM: "I don't get it."

--Cut to ten minutes later--

Dormouse and KingofHearts are wrestling on the floor. She accidentally knees him in the groin.

KoH: "Ummph. Hey! Don't kick me in the kidneys!"

DM: *knowingly* "Oooooh! ...I just got it."

See what I mean? It's not her fault.