About a year ago I bought Steve Martin's album The Crow. I'm not a giant banjo music fan, but I played my share of bluegrass fiddle in a band in high school (can still play a pretty mean devil solo in The Devil Went Down to Georgia when pressed into doing so) and I respect Steve Martin's musicianship so I was intrigued when it came out. I immediately fell in love and have subsequently worn the CD damn near out. It's full of a different styles and moods, nostalgic, modern, sweet, impressive... I LOVE it.

The girls listen to it in the car with me as we drive around and they like it as well, but one song has reached the pinnacle mythic proportions for them. Here it is as performed on an episode of Saturday Night Live:

They both love this song and ask for it to be repeated over and over (and over) as we wait for the school bus in the morning. No offense, Steve Martin, but after the third "again! again!", in a row, I'm often a little sick of the obviousness of the situation - listening to Late for School over and over while we wonder if the school bus is actually going to show before school starts - and put my foot down. "No. We are moving on to a new song... NOW."

While shopping for The Dormouse's birthday last month, I realized that there is a now a children's book version of this song and I wasted so little time putting in in my shopping cart I'm surprised I didn't break The PayPal. The illustrations are as adorable as the song itself and I knew it'd make a great birthday present for The Dormouse. Needless to say, she was pretty excited when she opened it and - and I'm not taking dramatic license when I say this - she hugged the book.

Then she sat down with it and gave us a live performance.

So my favorite part about this is that she is so clearly hearing the music in her head as she reads the book that she is incapable of going on without putting in the musical interludes between verses. Even when she just reads it without trying to sing, she still has to pause and comp chords in her head at the appropriate place. I'm not certain whether this makes her cool or just plain weird, but either way she'll be able to identify with me and that can't be a bad thing, right?