One of my favorite things to do is make popsicles out of watermelon. Just plain watermelon. No added sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors, just plain, old fashioned watermelon. Usually I cut them up, but we picked up a quarter watermelon at the farm last week and it wasn't really big enough to cut into bars. So I decided to make round-shaped watermelon pops... which gave me the opportunity to have this conversation with my husband:

"Do we have a melon baller?"

"I don't really know. What do you need it for?"

"I want to ball this watermelon."


"Hey, that's funny. You should be laughing."



::stoic:: "I don't think we have a melon baller."

"Just for that, I'm not giving you any of my balls."

It turns out we don't actually have a melon baller. So I used a tablespoon.

And we didn't really have that much room in the freezer, so we doubled up.

Freeze them for a few hours or overnight, whichever comes first, and they come out of the freezer looking very much like how they went in. Just colder.

Would Sir desire a refreshing ball... or two?