Camp Sweatshop yesterday was a little rough and my confession today is that I'm kind of, really, extremely, more than words can express, glad to have a break from entertaining them until Friday. Three cheers for Real Summer Camp! Huzzah!

The Dormouse was still grounded for lying to me the other day (Seriously, how does a five year old learn to lie? And why lie about whether or not you FLUSHED THE TOILET?!?) and the resulting attitude was pissy and whiny most of the day. I have few good photos or stories.

I do however, have:
  • a clean car
  • a vacuumed rug
  • all the toys in the front room and bedroom picked up (multiple times)

So for me? Success!

I do not, however, have:
  • clean clothing
  • folded clothing
  • put away clothing
  • washed dishes
  • a re-grouted tub and shower

This just leaves me hope for the future, when she's big enough to reach the counter tops.

Once she performed her penance, we did have some time for a science experiment.

And now she knows what nucleation means thanks to Steve Spangler.

If I wasn't so fond of my Diet Coke, I might have tried some of these experiments, but watching all that Diet Coke spew onto the ground made my heart cry. Perhaps next time I'll buy some Diet Pepsi.

There was also more directing of my camera efforts and a latent desire to become a rock star.

Note to self: no more Phineas and Ferb.