You Are Not a Mother Today Day

When I was a child, so the story goes, there was some situation where I was going to stay with Grandma or some other family member and my parents weren't going with me for whatever reason. I bragged to everyone who would listen that I was going to have "my very own vacation." The story is still told in family gatherings today.

So as not to be tempted sell our children and/or husbands on ebay for a few weeks days hours, Monica and I decided we needed our Very Own Vacation too. You can read about it here... with upcoming installments.

What I want to tell you about now is this awesome little bed and breakfast we she found and booked for us.

How would you like to have this view out your window every morning?

Yes, please.

The best thing about this little lodge built in the late 1800s was that it seems to have been created by the original palace of junk master and all the supports on the balcony, the concrete and the mortar on the outside of the house had these amazing intricate details that seem to have been a combination of reclaimed materials, inside jokes, tributes to events and family members, and left over stuff the builder didn't know of how else to dispose. I took about two hundred photos and even after I narrowed it down and then narrowed it down again, I still had way too many to post here, but I couldn't bear to part with any more of them. So if you're willing, look at this slide show that gives you a much better sense of the place than I have words to describe. There is also a very good deal of good food to be had too. Now excuse me while I go make my plans to kidnap Ed and chain him in my kitchen to cook for me.