We happened upon one of the sites integral to the Siege of Harpers Ferry while waiting to go tubing from the Potomac river into the convergence of the Potomac and the Shenandoah rivers. This is one of the important sites of that siege and we read all about how the South tricked the North with some stunning tactical maneuver but now I cannot remember a single detail of any of it because two hours later, we were not doing a civil war reenactment, but rather a reenactment of a cooked lobster. Note to self: Sunscreen doesn't stay on your butt when you spend the first hour of a two hour tour rubbing it around on an inner tube. So during the second hour, when you decide to flip over and lay on your stomach, you're gonna want to reapply. I'll spare you the photos of that. Instead enjoy these civil war style fences on the battlefield.