Still wrapping up our twenty-hour stint in New York. We went a couple of blocks out of our way to visit Dylan's Candy Bar which is hands down amazing. I'm actually pretty glad I didn't bring the girls here because I don't think I'd have gotten out of there for less than a c-note if The Dormouse was around and I didn't want to hear, "Can-nee? Can-nee? Can-nee?" from The Caterpillar for every minute of the next three months. In fact, though I brought them both souvenirs from the place, I did not bring back any candy nor will I let them look at the photos. My momma didn't raise no dummy.

But for you, good blog readers, I will share. Here, let me take you on a tour of three floors of awesome.

Here's the main candy bar with every kind of "penny candy" imaginable:

The whole store is decorated with candy:

Here's a table:

And I mean everything:

Even the artwork is candy. This is made completely from Jelly Bellies:

I guess they couldn't figure out how to make the light fixtures from candy, but this is a pretty good facsimile:

The stairs, however, they figured out:

Haven't you always wanted to take a gumball bath?

Dive right in:

I've often said I could live very happily without chocolate as long as there was rock candy around:

So good wishes from the floor:

Looks good enough to eat.