Thirteen things for which I'm thankful:
  1. Am no longer pregnant
  2. Do not have plans to become pregnant in the near future
  3. Stretchy pants from Chicos
  4. Do not have to fly anywhere for this holiday
  5. Do not even have to step foot inside an airport
  6. The cheese counter at Whole Foods
  7. Car insurance that covers repairs even when it's the driver's fault (yeah, there's a story behind that one)
  8. Turkey fryers... which get men interested in cooking, thereby taking that job from me
  9. Getting up at three am every morning with a baby who thinks it's party time (oh wait, that belongs on another list)
  10. Diet Coke (you knew it had to show up somewhere on the list)
  11. Thanksgiving holiday television marathons
  12. Do not have plans to go near a mall this weekend
  13. These guys:

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!