I have work to do.

This is the first day in weeks The Caterpillar has slept more than twenty minutes at a time. The Dormouse is at preschool. This is the first day I've had in weeks, just The Caterpillar and I alone in the house, without the need for constant attention from a four year old.

The dishes need to be washed, the kitchen floor is really a mess, I need to pay bills. I have email, voice mail and work projects to take care of. My bedroom is a mess, clothes need to be washed. I haven't slept more than three consecutive hours in months. Now is my chance.

Instead, I've been sitting in a chair for hours today with a sleeping baby on my chest.

I should put her down in her bassinet and get up.

I need to go grocery shopping and make dinner.

I should put her down in her bassinet and take a nap at very least.

Just five more minutes.