Driving on the Interstate recently, I passed a guy walking on the side of the road and carrying a large wooden cross over his shoulder. It was approximately ten feet tall and had an inflatable wheel on the end. It was raining and he had on a yellow slicker. Immediately, so many unanswered questions sprung to mind:

  • How does one decide to build a big cross and carry it around?
  • Why did he choose to walk on the Interstate?
  • What is the point he's trying to make?
  • Where is he headed?
  • Where does he park his cross when he gets there?
  • How long before the state troopers ticket him for walking on the Interstate?
  • How do they transport the ten foot cross when they escort him off the Interstate?
  • If I built myself one of those and walked around with it in my neighborhood, how long before someone even notices?
  • Wouldn't the Second Station of the Cross have been a whole lot easier if Home Deport had been around selling inflatable wheels back then?

Turns out, that wasn't the
only guy who's had this idea.