We're getting ready for the day and I've thrown a bowl full of Fruit Loops in front of The Dormouse to save time because she woke up late. She begins eating, then pauses, looks at me earnestly and says quietly:

“Momma, I need to say something to you.”

She places her spoon down deliberately and raises her voice to imitate Don Pardo. Then slowly, ploddingly, as if she's a twelve year old boy reciting a poem in front of the whole classroom, or George Bush reading a speech in front of the press (oh wait, same thing) announces:

“Fruit. Loops. Aren’t. Just. Weird. They. Are. Good. And. Healthy. Cereal. Cereal. Doesn’t. Go. Bad.”

I have no idea where that came from.

I guess there is improvement, because she used to just call Fruit Loops "Rainbow Cheerios." That was before these came out:

(I think Cheerios owes me some money)