So - after an appointment with my regular OB yesterday, in which he bad mouthed my Perinatologist for allowing three weeks to go by before I got the results of the nuchal translucency test, I got a call today from the Perinatologist's office with my amniocentesis results - a mere seven working days after the test. Exactly when he said I'd have it.

Report: "Everything is within normal limits."

Translation: No chromosomal abnormalities. No triploidy, no trisomy, no genetic disorders. No Down's Syndrome, no spina bifida. Also: I do not carry the gene for cystic fibrosis (how did I make it through the last two pregnancies without ever being tested for THAT?).

I'd been feeling less and less dread about this in the past week or so, but still, it's very nice to know for sure.

And now... what you're all really dying to know:

Suck on that KoH, you've been wrong three times now.