Monica and I went to a friend's baby shower a few days ago and they were playing a game with clothespins where you got three clothespins when you walked in and if someone heard you say the word baby, they could take one of your clothespins and then they would have four clothespins and you would only have two.  And then if you heard them say the word baby, you could take back your clothespin.  Or if you heard someone else say the word baby, you could take their clothespin and get one back and then you'd have three again and this was to go on and on until one person had all the clothespins and then won what? I guess, the satisfaction of knowing that you're more tedious than everyone else at a baby shower.

This, however, backfired for them on us, because apparently Monica and I are not so so focused on talking about babies and neither of us ever said the word, nor listened for anyone else to say the word and then after a very long time of waiting for lunch to arrive, we each still had our original three clothespins.

At some point, I knocked a clothespin off my lapel one too many times, got sick of them all, and finally took them all off my shirt and Monica's shirt and began creating a toy for the baby.

Then we gave the clothespin horse a little food, just in case he was hungry.

Then the kid-like guests at the shower all crowded around and clamored for more clothespin animals so I confiscated all their clothespins too and gave them a giraffe:

 And a camel:

There were also unphotographed attempts at a worm, a snake, and eel and a cobra, which they all declared were "lame" or something, so I challenged them to create their own clothespin animals and stop relying on my expertise.  So they gave me a spider:

And a... well I do not know what this is:

And that's how Monica and I became the heroes of the baby shower because we entertained the kids for three hours.

Who says I'm not a creative genius?

Oh wait, I do.  I say that.

And these people.