Last weekend, The Music Man (the Robert Preston and Shirley Jones version) was on television and I forced let my kids watch it.  The Dormouse was fascinated with the opening number, "Rock Island" and declared it "early rap." I still cannot figure out whether this is wonderful or if hearing this statement from beyond the grave would cause Meredith Wilson to roll over in it.

This weekend, we took an old timey train ride on the Wilmington & Western Railroad.

The train reminded The Dormouse and The Caterpillar of the train from the "Rock Island" scene and they tried to sing the song but they only part they could remember was "Whaddaya talk, whaddaya talk, whaddaya talk, whaddaya talk, whaddaya talk."  That got annoying after awhile so I looked the lyrics up on my phone, then the three of us spent much of the rest of the ride trying to do all the lyrics in time without messing it up.  So if you happened to be on the Mt. Cuba Meteor this weekend, in the middle car you would have seen three girls, oblivious to the rest of the passengers, doing this:

And if you looked at the seat next to them, you would have seen one, extremely embarrassed KingofHearts, trying to look like he didn't know them.