Memorial Day weekend started out fairly normally for us.  We had a full plate planned of yard work, house cleaning and maybe a trip downtown for one of my favorite D.C. events, Rolling Thunder.  And then over dinner on Sunday afternoon, we decided on a whim that we instead needed to be in Norfolk, Virginia to see a forty foot tall rubber duck floating in the river on the last day he was there and within twenty minutes we were on the road with a hastily packed bag in the back, heading that direction. 

We are not planners, people. 

Ducky is a large scale, urban art installation by Florentijn Hofman, brought to Norfolk for the reopening of the Chrysler museum.  He was in Pittsburgh last year and I didn't get to see him then. Apparently, he is quite the world traveler and who knows, may be in Malaysia next. So, clearly, this required an impromptu three hour drive at the drop of a hat.  

We did some other stuff too.  Like we ate breakfast at a restaurant where a man at a table next to us appeared to practice some form of transcendental meditation while he stood a fork on its tines.

Then we saw him waiting for a taxi a several hours later and he appeared to recognize us and that was just downright creepy.

We went to a farmer's market where they sold Gummi Chicken Feet.

I have no response to that.

We took a water taxi/fake steamboat ride, went to a children's museum, I won the Game of Awesome and I think we saw part of a Memorial Day Parade.  But really, we made a six hour trip, coming back over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel during the worst of the Memorial Day Return to Home Traffic, to kiss a duck.

Totally worth it.