I bought a couple of these in the convenience store in my office building the other day, just for the novelty of it all and because I had this unrealized fantasy of placing Shaq's giant face in my husband's side of the bed, not unlike the horse head scene from The Godfather. (Aside: and if the cans themselves didn't completely skeeve you out, just take a look at that rotating .gif on their home page and you'll be put off soda for a month - questionable marketing campaign, AriZona Beverage Co.).

The Shortlings bugged me for three days to try it but I kept telling them to wait because the cans are so big I'm pretty sure they just drained Shaq's bathwater to fill one.  I finally acquiesced today and gave The Dormouse permission to drink the rest of a can that I'd opened.

"Can I have some of this now?"


*takes a long drink*

"Mmmmm.  Tastes like gym locker... and strawberries!"

We're available for commercial spots any time you like, AriZona.