This ridiculous little document came home with The Caterpillar this weekend.  She's being encouraged to outline her plans for college and a career...  and let me remind you that she is six. SIX. Apparently, the new common core has a mandate that they start stressing about what they'll do for a living now or by second grade, it might be too late.  We had to ask her the questions and fill her answers into the form.  I'd say we filled it out with all the gravity it deserved.

Personal Education Plan (PEP) Worksheet

Dear Parents:

Please fill out this Personal Education Plan (PEP) with your child and return it to school.  It is a toold that will help the school, you, and your child start to explore what they would like to be when they grow....

Things I do well:

"What are you good at?"

"I'm good at math. I'm a good reader. Piano. Science. I was good at playing a purple trombone when we went to visit our friends the other day."

"What else are you good at?"

"Eating cookies."

"What else are you good at?"

"Finding rocks and breaking them open to see if they are sparkly inside."

Answer:  Math, reading, piano, science, trombone, eating cookies.

Things I like to do:

"What do you like to do?"

"Eat cookies.  Being nice to people. Play piano."

Answer: Eating cookies, being nice to people, piano, finding rocks.

Things I enjoy learning most:

"What do you like to learn?"

"Math and science. And I like history."

Dormouse: "You don't study history in school, you do social studies."

"Well, I can still like to learn about people a long time ago and what they did even when it's not in school."

Answer: Math. Science.  History.  Don't know much geography. Alternate answer: Math Science, History. Unraveling the mystery. 

Something in school I need help with:

"What do you usually have a hard time doing?"

"My homework."

"No this is asking what is difficult for you. Not what you don't want to do.You never have any trouble doing your homework once you get started."

Answer: Social Skills. Work habits.

My Plan: 

"What's your plan for your life?"


"What do you want to do in your life? You know like about school or your career when you grow up."

"Do well in school, study nature."

Answer: Do well in school, study nature.

People who can help me:

"Who can help you do this?"

"You guys."

"Who else?" 

"Other older people."

Answer: Teachers. Parents. Family.

What I know about college:

"What do you know about college?"

"A lot of people in college rush and run and talk when you tell them not to."

*quizzical look*

"In the the hallways, they do!"

"Who do you know that went to college?"


"Did Mom and Dad go to college?"


Answer: Mom & Dad went to college.

When I grow up I want to be:

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"What's the job when you are figuring out nature things? What's it called? Some kinda scientist, right? Or a music therapist."


"Because I like music and I wanna stay in nature and figure tings about science and sometimes when you're doing science you can figure out things like math and I like doing math.  Or maybe I could eat fifty cookies... if they were kinda small."

"What do you want to study when you go to college?"

"Nature.  And people."

Answer: Scientist or Music Therapist.

I like this career because:

"Why do you like this career?" 

"I like music and I want to study nature."  *rolls eyes*

Answer: I like music and I want to study nature.

Parental input/expectations:

Answer: We just want her to do her best and find a job that she likes to do... and to support us when we're old.