*Spelling intentional. 
My neighbor across the street basically builds an addition onto his house for Halloween each year and one of the 2x4s they nail up under the eaves has this painted on it... every year. The other three have it spelled correctly. You'd think that at some point, they'd repaint that one, or at least squeeze in that extra E somewhere, but you'd be wrong.

I love this:

The Shortlings invented this Halloween decoration out of some left over Orbeez beads and a couple of cedar balls from my sock drawer.  I'm super impressed with how well they painted the eyes and it's maybe my favorite thing in the house right now.

I've always loved Halloween, not because of the costumes or the candy and only a little because of the acceptable gore levels, but mostly because it's the most creative of all the holidays.  I love coming up with an idea for a costume and then making it happen from random things in the house and miscellaneous items purchased from a hardware store.  It always makes me just a bit sad when the kids just want to go to a department store, pick out a costume, then open the bag and put it on as is.   Where's the fun in that?

This year, The Dormouse came up with an idea to be a shadow.  Then it was Peter Pan's shadow. Then she tried to find someone to be Peter Pan for her, but that didn't work out so well.  So the idea morphed into this.

Yeah, I know you don't really get it from this picture; she looks a bit like a misguided scuba diver.  But just give it a look with the lights off.

It works even better in motion.


I saw something like this (albeit on a much grander scale) years ago at a Blue Man Group concert when I was pregnant with The Dormouse and have always wanted to do it for a Halloween costume.  So I suggested it to The Dormouse for the church Halloween party since they have a no masks policy and she couldn't really wear the hood for her shadow costume to church.  Then we walked in the door and a dozen people asked me "Oh, did you get that idea from that LED baby on the internet?"

I hate it when people have my ideas before me.

The Caterpillar is more into the buy it at the department store type of costume this year, but I at least was impressed by her determination.  Plus the costume ended up morphing throughout the evening.  She went from Fierce, Scary Vampire Princess,

to tired, Goulish Dead Girl in the space of one evening.

But I'm not sure the makeup had anything to do with it.

Happy Hallowen, everyone!