Me: *walks through living room late at night, spies KoH on the couch, stops*  "Are you taking frosting out of the can and spreading it on an empty ice cream cone AND THEN EATING IT?"

KoH: "Don't judge me."

"OK then. Just making sure."

"It's actually the Exact Same Thing as those wafer cookies."

"Look, if you want to put frosting on an ice cream cone and eat it in the dark while watching TV at 8:00 at night, I'm not gonna stop you, but at least own it.  Because I've had wafer cookies before and THAT IS NOT THE SAME THING."

*I go back into the bedroom and lie down.  Several minutes later, the door bursts open.*

"I've made a new discovery!"


"Frosting and peanut butter sandwich!"  

*he hands me two slices of bread with frosting and peanut butter spread on them and I take a bite*

"Oh my..."


"That is much, much better than frosting on an ice cream cone."

"Admit it.  You want to have sex with me now, don't you?"

"No, but I want to have sex with this sandwich."