For our One Last Hurrah Before School Trip a couple of weeks ago, Monica and I took the kids to Richmond.  Why? Eh. Who knows? I didn't really have a plan in mind; I just wanted out of town for a day or two.

I enjoy the Roadside America version of travel, wherein you don't really have to be anywhere at any given time and therefore can whip the car off the side of the road because you saw something cool.  

While Stonewall Jackson's severed arm wasn't exactly visible from the comfort of the drivers' seat, we humans now have this thing called the Interweb on our phones and we can magically see what's in the general area even if we can't see it from the road. That's cool... unless you're a five year old, a six year old and a nine year old who couldn't care less about driving two hours out of our way to see Civil War History and just want to go swimming in the hotel pool.

Tough noogies,  five year old, six year old and nine year old. You're all going to see The Arm.  Some day you'll be able to tell your American History teacher that you were there.  Perhaps you'll do a General Jackson Post Severed Arm pose like Monica here:

Don't worry, it'll be great.