We will probably spend more time and money at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair this year than is reasonable and/or prudent.  We've already been once and the Shortlings each want to go back for their respective birthdays before the end this year. I'd complain about the dent in our bank account, but we have such a good time there and have made so many friends that I'm all... eh whatever. It beats planning a birthday party. Photo essay forthcoming.

I love this actor. She's so amazingly uptight and British-ish (?!), just like you'd expect a Renaissance Queen to be, but at the same time, she's fantastic with every kid that approaches her. I don't know how she strikes that balance.

They have spent the entire summer outside so these faces will probably never be more tan.

She's very big in Renaissance Pennsylvania and therefore must go incognito when in public.


I happened on this just as it began so I don't really have a great pic, but the man in the black had gathered all the children and had them make marshmallow guns and sling-shots with supplies he provided. Then they created a stand-off in the streets. The Queen showed up, noticed what was happening and enlisted other children to her side.  Then the Great Marshmallow Battle of Renaissance Pennsylvania began and they threw marshmallows at each other until the Man in Black's side gave up and abandoned their standoff.  After it was all over, everyone moved on and a man dressed as a peasant had to pick up all the marshmallows left on the streets.

This actor convinced my kids that she's lost her cat down this storm drain and enlisted their help to call for George.  (There was no cat.)

Chatting with the Queen again.

And sitting down for tea.

This was the losing knight from the Jousting Tournament. The bad guy always loses, but we continually sit on the bad guy's side and cheer for him because it's way more fun. Both girls were entranced with him. Must be a nice ego boost.