It has been The Caterpillar's purpose in life lately to learn to cook.  And I use that term loosely.

After the Ketchup Sandwich incident, things got a little better in the way of palatability, for The KingofHearts, at least.  Then at some point, I explained that despite what she sees me eat most of the time, adult humans' meals needed to follow the four food group model and usually include a variety of items on the plate.  So we got this.

Later, I had another discussion with her about how we often follow what are called "recipes" to make meals.  I shared with her that these recipes are often a collection of ingredients and spices which are combined to make things taste good together. 

So then came the night where she made dinner for the family and we were all sequestered to the living room, not allowed to see the magic happen except for the twenty-seven times she ran into the living room to exclaim, "You. Are. Gonna. LOVE. This. Recipe!" 

KoH: "Is it ready yet?"

Caterpillar: "No, I'm still cooking."


Finally, the moment of truth arrived and we were all ushered into the dining room.

Me: "Wow, this looks amazing! You made this all by yourself?"

Caterpillar: "Yes, and I made up the recipe too."

KoH: "What 'recipe'?" *shoveling a spoonful of cheese into his mouth* "Oh."

Caterpillar beams.

Me: "What did you do to the cheese?"

Caterpillar: "I put lemon juice on it."

Me: "Lemon juice?"

Caterpillar: "Uh huh. And pepper."

Me: "Where did you get that recipe?"

Caterpillar: "Out of my head." 

Each of our plates was customized to the individual.  For example, I had yogurt with mine. But The Caterpillar is sensitive to the fact that The Dormouse doesn't love yogurt these days.  So she got a pickle.
I should also note that she found the lunch meat in the back of the refrigerator and none of us even knew we had lunch meat in the house anymore.  That's how old and moldy it was.  We had to throw that part of dinner away. But the rest we ate. Gladly.