Mother's Day this year shall heretofore go unspoken-of in our house.  Suffice it to say, if you want to lose a few pounds, I know a great little local restaurant where you can take home a fantastic Mother's day meal consisting of a Reuben sandwich and case of food poisoning. Then, while I was lying on the floor of my bathroom trying to recover from that today, some jerkoff ran into my car while it was parked on the street and sped off before anyone could get his (her? beats me) license plate. But I think the most insulting part of the whole thing was the police woman who responded and wasn't at all concerned about the hit and run driver who left a portion of his front fender attached by my car, but did decide to greet me by saying, "Can't you find any better place to park? You should try parking in your driveway."  So sorry my legally-parked car was such an inconvenience to that person who blew through a stop sign to hit it, lady.  THIS is why people don't love the police.

The girls tried really hard to make my Mother's Day special and I was almost conscious through a portion of it. Long enough to see this adorable thing. 

Note says, "Your tea-riffic mom!"

That's a teacup made from a fruit cup container and a saucer made from aluminum foil.  Also a tea bag they stole from my purse that I yelled at them for taking and opening before I knew what they were trying to do with it.  

Happy Mother's Day to a giant heel.