The Big Work Thing (or as it's known in my house, The Reason Momma's Been a Bitch This Year) I've been toiling at and complaining about without naming names or getting myself fired for the last... nine, ten, eleven months finally happened last week.  I took three minutes to breathe a sigh of relief and imagine taking a day off, then all my hopes for a few weeks of stress-free, post-project bliss were dashed into the rocks below when I realized that any new project means change and if there's one thing about human nature I should have taken into account, it's that PEOPLE HATE CHANGE.  And now, thanks to the Internet?  EVERYone who hates change can, with very little effort, email to tell you exactly how much they hate change and exactly what changes they hate... and if you're lucky, they'll also tell you how incompetent you are and how much they hate you too.  I'm lucky like that. So until the general public becomes more reasonable (unlikely), until all the perceived problems with the Big Work Thing are fixed (unlikely), until the furor dies down (not gonna happen this week), or until my faith in humanity is restored (SUPER unlikely) posting is probably going to continue to be light around here.
Instead, please to enjoy this photo of The Caterpillar turning into a Beautiful Butterfly.