I've been having trouble with my computer machine the last week or two. Still trying to resurrect it like Lazarus after the third day (which might be even more of a miracle) because, well, I know it's weird but I don't want a new computer. I'm fond of mine and I had it all set up just the way I like. Going through that beginning-of-the-relationship stage with a new computer makes me kind of break out in hives just to think about it. Even now, the computer that I'm using has the PgUp and PgDn keys in a different place and it is DRIVING. ME. CRAZY.

It has really put a crimp in my style, this not having a computer of my own, not that I can't get access to another, but because I have software on that machine that doesn't come standard with new machines and let's just say I might not be able to find all my original disks to reinstall everything. Plus if I can fix the machine, I don't want to bother moving all my files somewhere else in the interim. So until the part I ordered arrives, the jury is out.

What I've learned the last two weeks is that I've become immensely dependent upon two things: PhotoShop and iTunes (don't worry, I actually own both of those). Though I think I might actually be experiencing something known in the clinical world as "Podcast Withdrawal" (OK, maybe I'm the only one so far who knows it but I'm proposing an addition to the DSM V so just you wait), being without PhotoShop has actually forced me to go back to SOOC (straight out of the camera) shooting and that's maybe a good thing.