The Dormouse asked me to do her hair up all crazy last week since it was Crazy Hair Day in their Anti-Bullying Spirit Week.  Their instructions were to "wear your hair crazy to express your individuality - it's OK to be yourself!"

We came up with this little number, with which she was quite happy.

I post this here so that I can report that that evening The Dormouse came home with a list of things she was to wear for the very next day:  "Green and white t-shirt, sneakers, jeans or jeggings, pony tail."

I asked what the theme for this day was and she told me that it was "Twins Day" wherein the children were encouraged to "dress exactly like one, or two, or three of your friends."  

I'd like to take the principal aside and point out the irony of scheduling these two days one after another, but I fear it would be lost on her.