We made Easter Eggs yesterday and like last year, gave a shot using some natural dyes from found food items around the house we started by boiling stuff.  Random stuff.  Any stuff:



...and a few other things, spices, weeds, whatever...  supplemented by a set of Paas egg dying kits.
The Shortlings took responsibility for most of the dying.

And came up with quite the color palette.

Click to embiggen

Things that didn't work so well: dandelions from the yard barely registered as a color, spinach looked like it should work quite well because when you boil it, it turns the water this crazy deep green color but when you put the eggs in it, it comes out... meh.  I tried straining the spices so they wouldn't leave schmutz all over the egg, but clearly I needed cheesecloth instead of just a mesh strainer.  Still, it gives an interesting texture to the egg.  I still haven't found anything that really does a good job of reds.  All the pinks and the bright purples above came from the Paas kit.  

Now the real question: what to do with three dozen hard boiled eggs?