Scene: family is sitting around dinner table and The Caterpillar is actually eating her food for a change instead of arguing about it because she thinks she might have seen something that could be classified as "healthy" on her plate. (Incidentally, have had good luck with the "Mrs. Obama says you have to eat it" approach on that front. There's almost never an argument when I think to employ that strategy. Thanks, Monica and hooray for the Nanny State!)

Me: "You're doing such a good job eating your dinner. I'm proud of you."

::The Caterpillar leans over and kisses me on the forearm.::

Me: *chuckles* "You are... alternatively... the Sweetest Girl in the World and the Spawn of Satan. It just depends on the minute."

::I reach over to hug her and she leans in so my arm wraps around her neck instead of her shoulder::

Caterpillar: *lets out a growl/gurgle/scream from the back of her throat that would rival Linda Blair's in The Exorcist.*

::Entire family bursts out laughing.::

Me: "...aaaand there it goes."