A short photo essay to prove my kids can actually go into the snow.

We finally had the kind of snow that is useful for using that Build a Snowman kit. So The Caterpillar got dressed up like Ralphie's brother in her new snow pants handed down from Monica and wanted to say, "Thank you, Monica, for giving me snow pants."

It's been awhile since I made a real snowman and let me just say that rolling snow into a big ball was much, much easier when I was four feet tall. I spent way too much time bending over with my head below my heart and I think I might have killed a few brain cells. But The Caterpillar was super excited to meet Frosty...

and they hit it off at once.

Then she tried to make a snow angel, but chose the spot in the lawn where the snow was iced over so her efforts were about as fruitful as this attempt.

The Dormouse chose instead to do her snow bunny impression while pouting in the corner. She's still mad at me because we did this and didn't go sledding today.

She'll get over it, but not soon.