"Daddy, I would like to fly."

"You want to fly?"

"Yes. Can I? Pleeeeze?"

"Well... I don't know... It's pretty hard to fly. You need some special equipment. Do we have any Pixie Dust?"

"Yesss! Yes, we do! In the bathroom!" *runs excitedly toward the hall and points like a trained dog*

They both go together, hand in hand, to the bathroom and open the medicine cabinet. He pulls down a bottle of talcum powder. "Here it is!"

"Yay! Pixie Dust!"

He sifts a small amount of talc into his hand and blows it off, forming a small white cloud in the air that eventually settles on her head. "OK... now... let's think. What do we need next?"

"Um... a Happy Thought!"

"Right! And what is your Happy Thought?"

"Um... eating carrots."

"Eating carrots? Are you sure that's a happy enough thought for flying?"

"How 'bout.... ummm..." *thinks hard* "...eating ice cream?"

"Well, I like ice cream... that sure seems like a Happy Thought to me. I'll bet that will work. Okay... close your eyes,"
she closes her eyes, "...and think your Happy Thought."

Her brow furrows as he slips his hands in under her armpits and slowly, gently, lifts her.
"OK - Open your eyes slowly and look."

She opens her eyes to see that she's now hovering five inches off the ground. "Daddy! I can fly! I'm flying!"

He continues to lift her up high above his head and begins running around the house at top speed, flinging her body up, down, right, left... through all the rooms, one by one, making the circle of the house several times for the next five minutes or so. They buzz the cat, who runs, panicked, into the basement. She begins directing the action, "Fly me outside! Fly me to the kitchen! I'm flying, weeeee!" She flies forward, backward, upside-down through doorways and hallways.

Eventually, he gets tired and slowly lowers her back to the ground, explaining that the Pixie Dust must have worn off. They'll need: more Pixie Dust, a new Happy Thought and an Oxygen Tank for Daddy.

"Let's do it again, Daddy!" *runs toward the bathroom to retrieve more Pixie Dust where in a few minutes, when Daddy catches his breath, the scene will replay*

Somehow, somewhere, I believe
J. M. Barrie is watching this scene that plays over and over in my house and smiling.