The KingofHearts headed off to teach a kendo class tonight and left The Dormouse and me alone in the house. It got to be close to bath time when I realized her room was a minefield of toys on the floor, so I told her to pick up and then we'd go have a bath. Then I busied myself with cleaning up stuff in the kitchen, checked my email... etc.

All of the sudden, I realized the house was quiet....

too quiet....

You know that feeling, right?

I called her and got no answer. So I jumped up from my chair and started to the other half of the house. Coming around the corner and into the hallway, I found this:

Pulling back the top of the blanket, reveals:

Just as sound asleep as she could be. So sound asleep, in fact, that I was able to pick up the makeshift bed, pillow and sleeping child all in one fell swoop, and deposit the whole conglomeration on her actual bed in much the same position and blanket arrangement.

That's one way to get out of picking up your toys.