The Dormouse often gets up with The KingofHearts before he leaves for work, but then crawls back in bed with me as he's leaving. Yesterday morning, as she heard the front door open, she exclaimed, "Wait! I HAVE to tell Daddy something before he leaves." and flew out of bed, all knees and elbows and leaving me in bruises on the way to catch him before he left.

She missed him and the door closed behind him before she got there, but she yelled through the window: "DADDY! Daddy! I HAVE to tell you something before you leave." He heard her and came back up the steps and opened the door.

"What did you need to tell me, hon?"

"Daddy! Today is Mother's Day. So we have to remember to go to the store and buy a Special Card for Momma and also a jewel."

"Well sweetie, Mothers Day isn't until Sunday, but I think someone's been watching too many diamond and greeting card commercials on TV."

At least those jewelry store advertising execs know someone's listening - it's just too bad that that someone doesn't earn an allowance yet.

Happy Mothers' Day To One and All!